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In conversation, Yaron said to me, I don't understand something?

Whats that, Yaron?

The people do the strangest dance moves, I mean they staert moving in ways, The DJ,s too! I didnt understand when you were telling me tis two years ago, but I see it now. AND, they do these moves, to the some of the same music they hear in other clubs, BUT I don't see them movelike this in any other place.

Thats " THE FUNKY "! The funky lives in ALL of us, most of the time we are not motivated to act out on what we feel, cause there aint nothing to feel, BUT through the right system, with a certain sound, MUSIC makes people let their hair down and act out on their feelings, THEIR INNER FEELINGS! We don't even realize what we are doing, we just do it. THAT is WHAT that is! " THE FUNKY "!

Now, Yaron, always remember this, NO MATTER WHAT, never lose sight of them, your crowd, cause your going to do VERY well. BUT, its BECAUSE of them as well as your sound and creativity that you do well.NEVER LET YOUR HEAD GET BIG ABOUT IT, cuse NO MATTER how good your room sounds, WITHOUT THEM INSIDE IT, your room aint shit!

Another thing, WAIT, it gets better yet still. Your gonna have packed nights, and slam a track in, EVERYONE SCREAMS and THROWS their hands in the air! And thats a great feeling.

But, ANYONE can make a packed house scream, its the night you do something, and people are crying, and getting emotional, THATS THE NIGHT YOU DID SOMETHING!

When you touch their INNERMOST NERVE!


Mr. Scott Fitlin
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