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Im listening to a wide range of music, Queen, Floyd, Gnarls Barkley, and dance music.

The GSA-ISO 3001 sounds nice with all types of music and I like this. Played Queen-We Will Rock You, kick drum is full, weighty sounding but not bloated or mushed sounding, handclaps have nice lower register, I hear the Clap, nicely balanced between low mids and upper mids and lower register of handclaps are more audible and defined, and I hear the notes coming from 15,s and the same parts of the song switching the iso out, the claps are coming more from the horns, 15,s slightly empty sounding and have the typically thinner, little bit metallic klik klik sound I know CD for having. Vocals are equally pleasant thru the iso, and again, slightly low mid prominent, which I like, alot.

Gnarls Barkley-Crazy, love this song, his voice sounds so creamy between my lenses and TAD woofers, beat has a touch of addedd push, but not soft, or hard, and not bloated, just fullness, and the highs are crystally, and not edgy, or harsh. Baby, I'm CRAAAAAAZY!

I'm running thru various dance tracks, Kerri Chandler's = Sweet Chariot is rocking me right now. Acdapella intro sounds full bodied, no glare, and when the bass and beat kick in, its got that HOUSE OOOMPH and bassline is thick, AND detailed.

Acid Love by Mark Romboy! With the iso switched in, the bubbling acidy bassline is definitely emphasized, with chunky beefy sounding bottom lively pace, THE LOW MID/MIDBASS emphasis works with this stuff big time. same track, iso switched out via Rane front panel loop in/out switch and it sounds empty and hollow and I have to really listen to hear what I easily hear with the iso switched in.

With the iso in, so far, all my music has a bigger soundstage, percussions are dynamic and full and jump out at you. Iso switched out, soundstage shrinks, and music sounds pale. Yet, the music also has a well mannered sound with the iso in, doesnt get hard, or harsh.

Using the bass pot to kick it a bit, it has WEIGHT, and SOLID BOTTOM!
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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