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I've seen and briefly touched a DJR100D in a club that had a Rane 2016 just before they put in that E&S and as far as I could tell the sound was comparable if not slightly better. I would say it sounds between the Rane and the Urei. That said, I haven't actually tested it.

About the Urei: I really wouldn't discredit that mixer at all. Having worked on it many times, I find it totally comparable to a Bozak. Sure it sounds different but unless your system is way above average in terms of fidelity, to choose one over the other based on sound would be splitting hairs IMHO. I personally chose Bozak as much for historical value as for its sound (what can I say, I'm a nostalgic) but sometimes I have to admit I would love to have the versatility I would have on a Urei with its auxiliary inputs, multiple outs and generally more available replacement parts.
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