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I applaud the effort that has gone into this system and I’m sure it sounds good and is a pleasure to play on.

The use of megawatts being used as some kind of barometer for a systems quality really should go the way of the dinosaur. It doesn’t have any reference to the acoustic output the system is capable of. I would like to see any driver that is capable of megawatts, I’ll bring some eggs along to fry on the burnt copper

"Eight speaker stacks each standing at 11 feet, 48 McIntosh amplifiers at 22,000 a piece, close to 50,000 watts averaging 100db on the dancefloor, and three nights to road test one of the most impressive and ambitious soundsystems in the world. The best thing about day one? “Nobody died” "

This seems like a marketing exercise for Mcintosh, if it takes 105,6000 UK pounds in amplification and 55,000 watts of power, then someone needs a lesson on engineering and acoustics or is the above just humour?

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