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Originally Posted by shihp001
Very nice videos!
Stereo is no longer David's correct? What happened to their original sound system?

Since 2009 the club has reopened with some of the original owners and one of the original managers.

some of the original Soundsystem that used to be in Stereo.. JBL 2395,s 2402,s all in the basement in storage..

the scoops and berthas are restored in beautiful finish on the cabinets, semi gloss polished resin. scoops are loaded with TAD the Berthas JBL 2242H, horns are TAD 4002, tweeters JBL 2405,s

the booth monitors are TAD walnut wood horn copy, loaded with TAD 4002 and each side has two TAD TM1201H paired with a 2405 and a booth sub?

Amps are all Lab Gruppen FP+ series

the monitoring is the best I have heard in a club. really not much ear fatigue, djs play for hours there and say it felt like half the time.

Big video project tomorrow, 12 hours of Danny Tenaglia

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