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Originally Posted by thedjay
I Got a Chance to go play with the GSA-ISO3001 Last week. Awesome, A+ Mario and Gary really put there time into designing a Great unit! The Sound and Function is Smooth and Proper! Tonight They had a unit at the Baseline Party in NYC. The club has 100 TAD drivers in it! Boy was Hex Hector and David Morales Workin the system with the GSA-ISO3001!!! I cant wait for Santa to bring me my unit!!!!!

Agreed 100%! Mario was kind enough to have me over and show me some really great things: Rare vintage gear, mixers, etc. But the primary reason I went over was to check out the new GSA ISO. Very smooth and proper indeed. Sound is crystal clear. Bass, mids, and highs are very well articulated. And at only 6.5" deep, perfect for any mobile DJ like myself. He was very kind to let me take one home to demo on my system. I will post pics soon, have to hook it up tonight; I can't wait! Thanks again Mario.
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