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Thats a date! Sounds like you have a winner on your hands, and I WANT TO HEAR IT on my system.

And, I will listen to it through BOTH the Rane 2016A and the Urei 1620, I am doing alot of things this winter, and I also have a small project concerning making six small biased capacitor boards, encased in a housing thats mountable to the speaker cabinet, with in and out terminals for the speaker wire, for my midrange horns. I want you to fabricate and assemble them for me, two caps, a 9v baqttery, battery holder, terminals, and housing. Simple, economical and effective device that improves dynamics, soundstage, and clarity! The information comes from noneother than JBL,s CHIEF OF ENGINEERING himself, Mr. Greg Timbers, the man responsible for many of JBL,s famed studio monitor and TOTL consumer speakers. The info is also posted online at the Lansing Heritage website, guys have been doing " Charge Coupled " networks for their home JBL speakers for some time now. EVERYONE swears by it.

Audio has become fun, once again, and music makes me want to..........

Mr. Scott Fitlin
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