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What would you recommend for something cheaper than the new amps you're talking about? I'm building my horn-loaded 15" subs soon and I need to start thinking about amps.

Since our top end is all high-efficiency Klipsch I've never had to think about big amps, a single HH V800 (only 250wpc) powers the whole four channel tops with ease!

What sort of power will I need for the subs? Are there old Crowns that would be up to the task?

Originally Posted by clubman5
LimeT has it almost 100%!

The rack has almost all VINTAGE CROWNS! From the 15,s up, 3 crown PSA-2,s, horns a DC-300A, tweeters, 2 Crown D-150A, subs a Macro Tech 3600VZ, I Tech 4000, and a QSC PowerLight 6.0II.

I will be switching ...
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