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Paradise Garage Djs Joey Llanos & David Depino go Stealth

Originally Posted by SBS Designs
SBS Stealth Headphone Specs:

Closed back
Directional (Right or Left Ear) with 45 mm Diaphragm
Neodymium Magnet for reduced weight and fast response
Frequency Resp 15hz-28 Khz
Max input 1,600 mW @ 1 Khz.
Sensitivity 99 DB
impedence 40 ohms
weight aporx 12 oz

************ Specify if you use your left or Right ear ************


Joey Llanos comments after his purchase of 2 Stealth Headphones for himself & David DePino

Joey Llanos On his Facebook Page,

I like the SBS creative step up, from the wood and foam handle, to the Sleek existing Porsche look!

An ingenious way of not reinventing the wheel and upgrading the quality of a product still in demand!

Props to you brother!

Bring us more!!!

David Depino Paradise Garage Posts on the SBS Stealth Headphone on Facebook

The SBS Stealth headphones are in stock and ready to ship Global


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