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Where is

your space located. You can do a great quality analog system for any budget that you would like to be in. This myth of analog being more expensive than digital is just untrue. If you are looking for a high quality kick ass system for your space email me and we can talk about putting a high quality analog system in you space.

The fact is that if you really wanna be truely satisfied with your audio system and do it rt the first time out analog will always function and sound better than a digital system.

With analog processing you will have a processor that is extreamly stable at all times espesially during electricle storms & you dont have to worry about your processors forgeting settings or getting desturbed from electrical power problems like digital processors are known to be finicky about.

I know a club that is in Long island that has a sound web that has crashed completlty a few times and when these digital unit crash guess what you have no audio, you will never have these type of issues happen to your club with any kind of analog processing, one might sound better than the other but you will not have any situations like this happen.

For instince during the electricle power blackout situation that everyone blacked out back in the summer that effected the states and some of canada, when the power finnaly came back on some engineers that i know had to go in and reprogram there drive units because they got effected from this issue while some of the rooms i did that have basic analog processing worked flawless, the power came back on and they opened back up with flawless audio ( I got no phone calls about any problems from that blackout)while some of these digital systems did not operate so well after that blackout and guess what the client ends up paying for the service call to fix this problem of these units when they go down.

At Twilo we had issues with our drive unit sometimes it would forget its programs .

With Stereo, i was told what would i need with no expense to spare to elevate that system to the next / unreachable level with money no object and i expained TAD drivers with some of my custom boxes, Bryston amps and Bryston custom analog processors SBS modified and they agreeed and they gave me everything i needed with money no object to achieve just that the best sounding system and I did create just that. Digital can just never sound as good as analog if you want the best sound quality you need to build it analog and it can be done in your budget.

But if you wanna go hear the finest system in the world you need to take a trip to Stereo in Montreal to hear that system, I can do smaller systems like that system that will have that or a very similar sonic character if you like using the same type of gear or i can design a excellant sounding system in your budget, email me at

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