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What is this, Bash Paul Thread?

Hey, the original poster asked for an opinion. You all gave your opinions, then Paul gave his opinion, and you all TOLD him his OPINION was wrong???

Sort of pious if you ask me.

Elliot, go check out all 3 mixers, see which you like best. Make sure they are all hooked up to the exact same sound system. Then buy what you like.

EVERYONE's opinion here is BIASED towards what they use. Paul uses Rane, Scott and Shorty use UREI. So of course each one is going to defend what they use, its human nature.

Would you buy a brand new Honda without test driving it just because everyone else is buying Hondas? No way! So go give it all a listen, then you too will have an opinion to share.

Who are we to say your opinion is wrong, just like who are we to say Paul is wrong.

-Nate Bishop
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