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I can respect your opinion and points Scott.

I personally think DBX still makes good products for the money and will continue to use them. When most times a Drawmer or BSS compressor isnt the best choice due to cost, a 166XL certainly will work.

Secondly, I am telling you every single DJ I have come across in my travels but perhaps a handful redline the hell out of the system even when tons of headroom is available. I do not walk into a situation thinking "DJs are idiots" heck, I do not walk into ANY situation thinking the client/musicians/whathaveyou are idiots. I honestly think that DJs around here are used to improperly setup systems at home, and have come to think of distortion as one of the components they seek to gain in the sound. Every soundsystem I setup is crystal clear, free of distortion, except when the mixer is redlined. Who knows, perhaps I just have had my run of bad DJs. One person who really stands out in my mind as not doing this is Vicious Vic. He didnt redline and even actively asked for input about his mix as in did it have too much mids or whatnot on the output EQs.

Time alignment, yes I know that aligning the voice coils identically in the same space will achieve this, but my point is that not all situations will cater to this. There are many installs that do not use the "dancestack" concept, where the mains are flown and therefore cannot be moved. A good number of clubs have subs installed into stages, which also inhibits moving them physically. For this situation time delay is the ONLY alternative. Also, if you have zoned speakers such as under a balcony or for a special seating area, these cannot be physically moved to time align, they would HAVE to be electronically time aligned to the signal coming from the mains.

Which crossovers besides the Bryston do you know that can be ordered with differing filters and slopes? The BSS FDS360 and the KT DN800 are the only ones that comes to mind as having interchangeable filter cards. Those are fairly expensive units. We won't even mention DBX. Ashly's XR series has set filter types too

Also, are you aware that White went out of business? All of their gear can only be gotten through used or old inventory means. Its too bad, they did make good stuff.

And lastly, my intention was NOT to gain some sort of an audience by pretending to be a club owner. I am sorry, but that is a bit far-fetched to believe period. It was a simple grammatical error on my part, to which I have appologized. Lets just leave it at that and not break out the X-Files theories ;-)

-Nate Bishop
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