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What type of music are you going to be mixing? Something with a live drummer, or new music with a drum machine. If it is drum machine music, pressing on the platter will work with the 3700, because it will slow down when you press on the platter, it just doesn't slow down smoothly. It kind of jerks. I haven't tried the 3900, but I bet it is not as smooth as the ns7. I'll have to go play with one at my local GC to see. If you need it to ride the pitch like to keep live drummer beats in sync, the pressing on the platter needs to be smooth. I'll have to try one of those 3900's myself, but I seriously doubt they fixed it, because I was the only one on the Denon forum that was bitching about it. Everybody else didn't see it as a problem. I will let you know once I play with one. Go check out the ns7 if you get a chance. That works just as good if not better than a 1200, unless you need to use CD's.
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