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Captainjr, you make a very good point re schematics.

Whilst I also feel that it should be standard protocol that all professional equipment comes with something like this, a valid point was raised on another technical forum by some one.

"I too remember schematics inside equipment or foldout sheets in the instruction handbook. Geez! Nagra used to supply a small poly bag of components!

There is one small problem that I see. My last employer spent a lot of time,midnight oil, fags, tea and bad language getting and voicing circuits right. They are still a small company and fear all that work, if in the public domain, would be copied.

My personal view is that the more "professional" approach of giving out circuits to people who can show a genuine need is the best policy."

And on the other side you have..

"I think it was Sony that was the first to not provide schematics. They were certainly the first to not give information to service departments that were not their official franchises. Now it's spreading into industrial kit. A lot of the modern machinery has no service information, or deliberately misses out critical stuff so on-site engineers can only do basic repairs."
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