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Originally Posted by rescuedogs
i was just wondering what the hell do i do with my system. my neighbors are flipping out every Friday afternoon when i play it from when i come home from work till maybe 8pm this world is getting so messed up lock your doors stay inside and don't talk to your neighbors.
system consists of:
8 jbl srx718s with 2258h drivers from the JBL custom shop, 4 eaw kf650z, 2 x jbl 2405h in a z-array fashion(360), 2 xta dp426, 4 x crown ma12000-i, 1 x 2402 and 1 x 1202 all tuned with smaart, 5 way, rane sl3 and mp2016s.

I know exactly what you mean. I had to scale down my amp a few years back cuz the neighbor would complain about the music. I went from a QSC RMX 1400 down to the Crown D-75 and I still have issues with the neighbor and now my bldg super about the loudness of my "mini" system. New York has been losing its coolness for quite some time now.
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