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Opinions on Crown M-600 mono block amps

Hi guys,

I have a question that would have been right up Scotty's alley, but I know you all are up to the task.

There's a local guy in my area looking to sell two Crown M-600 mono block amplifiers for $500 total. One is in perfect working condition. The other had blown a fuse and he doesn't know exactly how simple or complex the repair is.

If you don't know these amps, the short story is that they are absolutely massive. 92lbs. a piece! And for all of that size, you get a lot of power. 1000 watts into 4 ohms mono. They often were sold under the Amcron/Techron commercial lines of Crown for medical/industrial use. Supposedly amazing for sub use (I've seen Elliot post elsewhere about them).

Complicating matters a bit, I would add that I already own two Crown PSA-2's that are being refurbished to their original state as we speak. Scotty once mentioned here and here that the PSA-2 came out later and negated the need for the M-600, as it was smaller (though still huge by today's standards) with comparable performance. I'd be curious to hear opinions on this today.

I know that these things are pretty valuable, especially in pairs, so for $500 it seems like a relatively low-risk investment. But it's also a massive couple of amps, and my other inventory might consign them to backup duty.

Would love to hear your thoughts if you have 'em!
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