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Re: Our scene needs your help!

Originally posted by braker
I was really excited to read the threads in this forum. There seem to be so many people here that really know their stuff, that really care for this music and that really take the uncompromising approach for creating that magical feeling on the dancefloor.

So, what I'm saying is - our scene (and myself ) need your advice! There are no better people to help us make the experience as magical as it should be and in doing so also help the scene grow and evolve.

Here is a link to a brief description of our thoughts/philosophy about which things should be taken into account in designing a high-quality system.


And very important to remember that there is no standard recipe. There are a lot of parameters. Try optimizing ...
So listen, tune, perhaps even try moving your speakers around the room to find the right places etc.

Hope this helps
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