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Thanks for posting....

Ok, hooked up the units when I came home and ...impressed to say the least.
I could not stop mixing, having loads of fun with the 2016 !

Still to early to jump to conclusions but I wanted one bad (for a very long time) and that brings a lot of expectations. Love on first sight atm, we'll see what tomorrow brings....

I only tested with my cdj's, disco and funk could you use some EQ-ing but the house track sounded fantastic on my humble but honest sound system.

Maybe some more background to give some insight on the way I cope with my addiction/hobby

I love buying classic vintage stuff with a twist...
Old, TOTL stuff that people forgot about, that you can snag up for cheap.

I refurbished a lot a old dj stuff that was way out of my reach when it was new but now you can buy these dirt cheap...

Pair of SL1210's

€250 for the pair and €110 in parts
  • cleaning/removing dust on parts & PCB's
  • polish platters & spindles
  • disassembly faders, cleaning, removing center click, lubing & assembly + disable pitch lock & stock calibration
  • removing auto start wires
  • changing needle lamp & stock leds (strobe, picth & 33/45) for white leds... (SMD's for the 33/45 leds @ 450 mcd)
  • changing 2 tone arms + upgrade stock wires with cardas
  • internal grounding mod
  • changing stock RCA with short female plugs
  • refurb one set of feet (remove awfull DIY repair glue, prep rubber & apply new glue)

Rodec mx180 mkIII

This is a great mixer in so many ways....
  • it's 100% handmade in Belgium
  • eq's sound better them my xone 92 based on what my monitors tell me. Still have to test it on a large sound system but i'm confident (and yeah..I own both mixers and know how to use them )
  • no frills, or other stuff...this mixer is like driving a naked bike (going 60 feels like 100)
  • old skool VU meters
  • price I paid
  • FANTASTIC after sales... !!!!!
So, I bought this from an add on a WTS website...175 euro and it stated it 'needed some attention'...
I went to check it out, the seller was the owner of a very big PA & lighting company and the rodec was installed in a bar that closed down after 6 years. He told me he tested it and 3 faders needed to be replaced and some knobs were missing (3). He didn't want to invest time repairing it because renters only wanted the pioneers. But he ensured that besides the faders & knobs, it was 100%.

For the price, I didn't check it and took it with me...

It needed some TLC and I decided to take it apart 100% and rebuild it again after checking every aspect & detail.
My heart skipped a beat when a blade of an iron saw fell out of the casing when removing the very damaged & non OEM cabinet screws (another warning). Those blades are conductive, so I was afraid some DIY repair was done by a butcher of some kind.

To my surprise, all the PCB's looked great and was amazed by the high quality & modular build:

So still a score...let's make this beast pretty again
Shopping list (5 new line faders / 3 output faders / replacement set knobs / 6 RCA PCB mounts / small part for on/off button / OEM screws). I was able to pick up the parts @ Rodec HQ for a wholesale price...130 !!!! total and they were fantastic (info/service/...).

Then disassembly totalis...

This is how I roll on a saturdaymorning @5.30 AM

To do:
  • Check all parts (power supply, VU meter, ...)
  • Clean & wax face plate
  • Clean & check PCB's + solder 6 new RCA pairs (PCB mount)(a few of the old ones were cracked)
  • Check, clean & lube all potentiometers & switches
  • Disassemble, clean & lube crossfader
  • Assembly all parts with new OEM screws
  • Reconnect the on/off button with OEM part (was used as an installation mixer with a direct power-on connection on a central point)
  • Install new faders & knobs
  • Sand, fill, prime & spray the casing

Almost done...patient in recovery room:

Casing finished & on/off button reconnected...all done:

Looking & sounding like new...

Just to show that you can have some awesome sounding stuff for little money... I know that purists and audiophiles will laugh with my setup but I have almost more fun in searching, using and repairing old or second hand gear then I have in owning some nice pieces.

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