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thanks for the info, I will try to fix my post...

Edit: fixed the pictures

Some more stuff....

Bell Professional 5005 amp (vintage disco amp, OEM Fostex Model 600, 1984 - 200/300 watt )
Only needed to clean it and respray the top casing...offset was less then 3 mV

Rodec Disco Max (vintage disco amp, 340 watt, 1979 in mint condition)

Disassembled this one 100% + recap + pcb wash & tuning....fantastic

Some more info about rodec: (check the about us page -> Since 1954 !)

1979, my magic number (year of birth)...I developed a habit of buying vintage gear from that year.
This resulted from a quest that took my a while to accomplish.

Building a TOTL Technics sound system from 1979 (max 100 euro/piece + mint + exception for CD player & speakers)

I ended up with:

SL1200 MKII (early production)
ST-8080 & ST-9038
SL-P770 + RC
B&W DM12 + DM14

Behind the SL you can see a piece of my AD audio (André Dumortier) handmade end stage...He made fantastic hifi stuff (valves / hybrid / solid state -> check 'sforzando dumortier' in google images
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