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Originally Posted by clubman5

I'm back from vacation, consider this as my formal order for the GSA 3001 Isolator being placed.

Look forward to hearing, using, and owning this piece!



The unit is pleasing all. They look & listen & buy. The end product is what we were looking for. I also felt to keep it priced affordable.......

I am also running the next set of 50 which will be ready in 3 months. The first production run are just about all sold. The are made in AMERICA. The chassis is made in the same factory RLA did his and the RCA connectors are the same. I felt if the lasted Richard as long as they did, they would would last THE GSA ISO3001 just as long. I had many crossovers for repairs (X3000) & not one had an issue with the rca connector.

I will send you a unit by the weekend & I would love to know your true feeling on it.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
Mario G
Mario G.
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