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Greg, how do you like your Iso 3001?

I played alot of music last night, when I got home, went to sleep.

But, I must say, I love my unit, its clean, and the boost/cut is nice. I like the mid knobs sound, emphasizes the mids in a pleasing to the ear frequency range. Brings out the percussive pop of drums, bongos, etc. Love hearing the pull and pluck of strings thru the TAD cones. And, then listening to music with the iso not in the system, same recordings sound thin and metallic.

I like the sound of the bottom end with the iso, its full, but not cluttered sounding, Its definitely beefier sounding with the iso, and somehow, its the same sound as without it, just beefier. What I am trying to say is that it enhances and strengthens the bass, but doesn't interfere and obscure the music. And switching the loop out, no iso, and pumping the bass tone control on the Rane simply isn't as nice sounding to me.

I love the 3001's low mid/midbass emphasis, and again, the iso does this, wihout interfering with and obscuring the music. Bass lines are clearly audible, and I can watch the bassists hand moving up and down the fretboard as he plays, when I was listening to Paul Simons 'You Can Call Me Al'. Highs have that nice PING when a cymbal is hit, that nice little glowing delicate PING that is very audible, and stands out, yet isn't ovebearing or hashy. I love the fact the highs are not extra crispy sounding, the mellowness of the midrange, yet IT IS dynamic and jump out when the recording has notes that were recorded that way. The lower midrange emphasis to my ears gives my music a more acoustic sound. The flute in the recording sounds airy, a certain tone that allows me to hear the reed an it's breathy character. Just go to any guitar center, or Sam Ash, and pluck the string of any acoustic guitar, then when you listen to CD,s or computer again, you will know exactly what I mean.

I like the feel of the Alps pot, I use my tools to subtly boost or cut frequency, not drop the bass and mids out on every track, but, the pot is easy enough to turn so on the occasion s that I do drop the bottom out completely, then come back with it, its easy enough to do, too. +1 on the Alps pots.

One track I like for its bottom, Der Narzis-Harry Seldom, and the building was bouncing, but in the right way.

Once again, I went and put that Crown CE-4000 on four of my TAD,s, and I had this on the front of rooms two stacks, center and rear room stacks PSA-2 powered TAD,s, adjusted the 4000,s level controls so it is the same as the PSA-2, and I kept gravitating toward these two front stacks, the Iso sounds particualrly great thru these two stacks, the openess and clarity of the midrange notes is fantastic. upper mid is clear, and CLEAN, low mid is PRESENT sounding, and articulate, and transparent. Bass kicks, but doesn't get gummy and muddy. The highs are sweet, delicate, CLEAN, and pronounced sounding with nice detail, yet no edginess, or hashy bacon frying sizzle! The vocals thru these two stacks, in particular, sound like PEOPLE singing, no empty, nasal hollowness. Keyboards sound rich, and I hear everything in the music, and THEY SOUND LIKE THE MUSIC, snares and other dynamic instruments have clear cut through, no ringing, and are defined sounding. No struggling to hear whats going on in the music. I LOVE the way vocals sound on the 2 stacks with the CE-4000 powered TAD woofers. Paul Simon sounds like Paul Simon, and NOW when I switch the iso out, it is an OH NO, put it back, situation. There is a clearness, and rightness to the sound in this range using the iso, and its CLEAN, but PRESENT sounding, and more real. THIS did it for me!

Mario, whatever you did with this unit, you did a good job with it, it sounds clean, enhances the music, brings out the right things, is fun to use, AND IS NOW SCREWED INTO MY CONSOLE!

Sound = A+

Pot Feel = A+

Fun Factor = A+

Price = A++
Mr. Scott Fitlin

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