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LimeT has it almost 100%!

The rack has almost all VINTAGE CROWNS! From the 15,s up, 3 crown PSA-2,s, horns a DC-300A, tweeters, 2 Crown D-150A, subs a Macro Tech 3600VZ, I Tech 4000, and a QSC PowerLight 6.0II.

I will be switching over to some Macro Tech i Series, this summer. For subwoofer duty, especially HEAVY DUTY HIGH POWER SUB DUTY, I LOVE the NEW Crowns. On one hand, they are a touch leaner sounding than traditional Class AB amplification, but todays digital music has so much bottom, especially sub bottom. And THE POWER AND CONTROL IS GREAT! Not to mention the programmability of the amps features. IT WORKS!

From the 15,s on up, bass, low mid, mids, upper mids, and HF, and VHF, traditional amplification is still working well for me. Warmth. And using the crown PSA-2 on 15,s add a WEIGHT to the low end that is unreal. Although, I have been trying newer style amps on the 15,s, and YES it is leaner sounding, however, the bass detail is superb. Notes are so defined, and vivid, but, you lose some of the weight. Of course, I am on the fence here, as newer amps playing todays music, makes my TAD 15,s sound like music USED to sound. I played around with a Crown CE-4000, then a K series, and the bas articulation. Man it can be SO SO CLEAR, not that it isn't now, but, even that much more, and definition was superb. The tradeoff is a little loss of LF weight.

HF horns and tweeters. Here I must have Class AB amplification. Up here, traditional amps are my flavor. I use older crowns BECAUSE they mate well to my same era JBL 2395/2441 and 2402 bullets and 2404 bi-radials. It becomes a matter of synergy, as well as personal preference here, as long as it IS Class AB. To me it is more what amps work best with your comp drivers and tweeters, and preference. I don't care if Bryston, McIntosh, or whatever you like or have floats your boat, HIGH QUALITY CLASS A OR AB up here works. Personally, I have found that speakers of an era seem to work best with amplification of that era, too. I am partial to Crown, though.

However, take my center stacks, with their quad direct radiating, ported JBL 2242 18in woofers, MODERN high power amplification works beautifully here. QSC, CROWN, POWERSOFT, whatever. Becomes users choice and taste. But the sweetness and warmth, and delicate detail from the HF horns up, do well for me with vintage CLASS AB, 15,s like a high power, BIG POWER SUPPLY design, CLASS AB, but subs,to me are owned by CLASS D. The POWER, the PROGRAMMABILITY, and the sound. Tight, taut, strong, and best of all, tune the amplifier to your room, acoustics, speakers, and taste. And it works. I can say with complete honesty, CROWN and QSC,s HIGH TECH MODERN OFFERINGS HAVE TONS OF POWER, AND HAVE BEEB COMPLETELY RELIABLE FOR ME! If there is anything I do not like about todays premium technologies, and amps, PRICE! THE BEST STUFF COSTS BIG BUCKS! But, for me, the programability of The I Tech and Macro Tech I Series works, very well. Of course, the weight and the fact that they do not produce tons of heat has become a plus. And the combination of sonic characteristics, PSA-2 driven horn loaded TAD 1603,s and modern Crown and QSC high powered Class D driven subs, with todays digital music, is a CHAMP. TIGHT SLAMMING SUBS, warm, weighty, deep but clean and articulate 15,s rule.

Mr. Scott Fitlin
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