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Question orgin live rega tonearms upgrades

Ok from what i gather to upgrade the technics 1200 i need the following

1 Rega RB250 or orgin live arm
2 orgin live technics 1200 adapter
3 internal rewire mod
4 slotted tonearm mod {optional(reguires internal rewire first)}
5.structral upgrade mod. (does this come with a counter weight?)
6 threaded VTA adjuster
7 stylus force gauge.

now if the udgraded arm comes with no weight. what is a recommended weight (J.A. Mitchell stub and weight?)

has anyone out there had the external rewire done?
Im guessing this bypasses the turntables internal RCA outputs. I can see where this could make a difference, but does it?
also does the external rewire kit get in the way for DJ applications? It looks like it could, but just want if anyone has tried it.
to the owners of the arms if there is anything i am missing please add.

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