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the origin live has less good bearings than the rega arm.
regas arms are selected to a higher tolerance as you go up there range.
the ol1 is exactly the same as a rb-250 oem arm as supplied to nad , akai , michell , avid and numerous other companies.
michell are the only company who have a rega jig and have been trained by regas arm experts to load the bearings correctly.
origin live only do bearing mods on the silver upwards.
some people think the origin live is inferior to the michell or rega rb-600 (now rb 700 with new arm base and wiring and higher toleranced bearings.)
my view is that people slag off the rb 300 model which has the spring loaded downforce dial as they say the spring resonates.) but the spring works in reverse and actually allows better tracking and the cartridge sees a lower moving mass so if it does resonate and colours the sound it also improves the sound by allowing the cartridge to drive the arm more effectively. there is much ill informed debate about this imho.
i think the origin live wiring is only marginally better than standard rega rb-250 wiring and not especially noticable under huge sound pressure levels in clubs.
i think you will get at least 15 to 20 % improvement in detail and tracking with even a basic rega arm on a technics.
i think some of the origin live mods actually are inferior to regas standard models but the hi fi press seems to disagree with me.
i think for ease of use a rega arm is well worth the initial hassle. you get better sound cleaner music lower distortion.
as you go up into better wiring , better counterweights etc. the improvements get more expensive and you get less value for money.
if i could have afforded sme v arms instead i would have put those on but they are over 2000 per deck for what i would put down as a 35 % improvement over the basic technics arm.
not value for money in my opinion.
i think the michell arms do about 30 to 32 % improvement and are not to expensive for someone as mad as me.
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