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Re: The Urei's trademark hiss.

Originally posted by SCHORN
Dear All,

I recently went Class A in the amplifier field and have noticed a very noticeable hiss coming through my speakers when using my Urei or Bozak.

The speakers that I use are extremely efficient, so this hiss is much more audible than it might be with other, not so efficient speakers.

Anyhow, I was wondering if maybe Mario or someone might have an idea on how to eliminate this problem?

I was thinking that it maybe the power transformer and maybe removing the power transformer from inside the Urei and making some kind of custom system where as the power supply is totally separate from the mixer.

The hiss in question can be heard by plugging in a set headphones to a Urei and just listening, this is what I'm hearing through my speakers.

Anyone else encountered this problem or is it just me?

For all the Urei users out there, do you get a nice hiss through your headphones and speakers too?



UREI or Bozak? which one?

1.if you are talikng about bozak. it has some problem with trangister or something
basicaly this unit never say anything if you don't desire.

2.but if you are talking about UREI
and don't enjoy the "silence" enjoy the "music" from urei mixer

3.if you are talking about both
check the cables. use balance conection or "grounded" unbalance cable.


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