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DSA. audio thank you for the photo. It is exactly what Mr. Beck confirmed for me. Position 5/6 are the left and right input slots for stereo channel # 3 auxiliary channel # 1 on this mixer and the factory 10-2-D that could be converted to a third stereo phono channel. You had to install a mono phono card in positions 5 and 6 to convert it to the third stereo phono. I guess more customers wanted a third phono channel back in those days. Most likely the 6-2s was used for this particular modification because a stereo control had to be added and the 2 mono pots removed to make a stereo channel. This would have left a couple input control holes on the faceplate empty because each stereo input channel used only one control pot. Also a balance pot was added as stated in the auction and the channel L + R switch removed. Auxiliary channel # 2 if you look closely is a direct hard wire to the control pot and by passes the main board. These modifications were being done on the 10-2 several years earlier as Mr. Beck stated to me. He remembers a 10-2 being modified with 4 phono, 4 auxiliary, and 2 microphone channels. Reality is the 10-2 mixer is the original and could be modified in many ways for just about any application. It also gave customers the luxury of VU meters etc that was eliminated on the D and DL series. Thanks again DSA for the photo.

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