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Originally Posted by charles0322
VJ did you remove the led from the cue/pgm toggle switch, lol.. you must be longing for the good ol' days for real!

the days I used to sneak into the booth at Stereo and play with the RLA crossover and orig. Urei.. if only I could have put the system on

I bought the LE to feel like I was back there again, and now the system is on and shaking everything

Hahah you know me to well lol Because you know what...when I was doing the caps I was thinking hmmm if I drill a hole here and stick in a red LED like on the original and then remove the blue one in the headphone socket than it can look even better lol Then I thought of getting some DUO phono cards as they sound better. Any way I would still like to get the cards but I have other things to spend my money on at the moment.
Longing for the good ol'times oh god yes and I only caught the end of it all when it was still good (well compared to what it is now imo but lets not get into that now)
On a side note, I finally found a good way of syncing the MPC with Logic and integrating all the hardware like the Juno with it all. I put the synths and MPC into storage as my bro is back for a week or two and thatís where all the music making stuff was but when he goes again I need to finish this tune
For once i'm sorta' happy with it, a bit bassy though
--The future scares me, any chance of a lift back to the past any one?--
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