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Originally Posted by jnkarrik
Is Shelter still off of Varick st in Tribeca, or has it moved? Been a while since I've been there.

I'm going to miss Danny Krivit too because our flight is at 5:30 on Sunday.

You're welcome dude; kinda unfortunate that when someone helps someone else there's not even acknowledgement.

Can't believe you made a 5:30 reservation; if you're visiting the idea is to stretch out the vist and get full days in. Catch up on sleep later. Can always see about getting on standby on a later flight, often not a problem to do that.I stayed in Hawaii almost another week, changing my time of departure drastically by doing that.

Clubs are not where you wanna be in NY anymore, unless it's winter. 718 sessions and Krevit are only in the ok category, but get more promo because there's not much else.

Shelter is in the same approx. area of Tribeca it was a dozen years ago, after relocating to a new location a couple of years ago. Check their website or call information.

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