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Originally Posted by jnkarrik
Excellent work! Thanks for taking the time to document and write up the process. I'm sure that will help a lot of people.

Any plans to add the booth out?

Thanks, I thought about this and still not 100% decided but I'm leaning on the leave it as it is side.

Whilst this is a useful addition the mixer will only ever really be used in my home where it's less needed.
Also I actually like the power switch there and find putting a knob in it's place looks a bit cack handed plus I'd kinda like to keep it close to original.
I'll keep the booth out card should I ever sell the mixer I'm sure the person buying it off me would appreciate having it plus I may change my mind.

I have to admit the Urei was one of the nicest laid out mixers with great i/o but I love the sound of the Bozak and it's not that much of a sacrifice loosing a few inputs and outputs for me.

If I was using the mixer live frequently I'd install the true booth output.

Worth noting, with the card installed and no mod it acts as a tape out booster card as normally the tape output is rather week.
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