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Originally Posted by Captainjr
VInyl_junkie sounds very good. Was once told by Buzzy Beck that the phono cards were tailored to the Stanton 680 cartridges in the days of disco and the building of the D and DL series mixers. Could be why the Stanton's sound so good with your mixer. Did he ever give you any insight on that?

Good question!

I asked him once if he knew the capacitive loading of the phono input because as far as I know for a MM cart to have the correct response the resistive load has to be correct which is usually standardised at 47k ohms and the capacitive load also need to be correct.
Usually the latter is a lot harder to find out as hardly any one publishes this figure any more. You also you have to know the capacitance of your TT interconnects i.e. from head shell to phono leads. I THINK for the 1200 it's 125pf

Some top end receivers back in the day even had variable capacitance for the phono inputs.
Here's an example of the affects capacitive loading has on a Moving Magnet cart

Any way I'll paste his reply...

"The phono card that is in the DL series mixers came from the 919 stereo home Hi Fi mixer. The original front end of the card was designed to accept a wide variety of cartridges with different capacitive ranges and the second stage adapts it to broadcast flat response. A couple resistor changes can be played with but you will not end up with a very much better response than the original card is capable of. I may have an old chart I can dig up showing the resistor/capacitor combination changes and some of the carts we experimented with and their values. The final tailoring of the front end of the card was aimed at the most popular Stanton Disco series at the time and those specifications still generally work well with most cartridges."

He also later said that a lot of customers switched to Shure in the 80's - 90's and added that they sound great with the mixer. If I am not mistaken Buzzy uses Shure's albeit I'm not certain on the model.

Personally I prefer Stanton, they've always sounded great on most systems I had and to me had the truest sound. Albeit I never tried vintage Shure's, from what I have read even the old USA made SC-35C sounds a lot better than the current made in Mexico SC-35C so who knows.
Shure like Stanton declined in quality as time went on albeit not sank to the murky depths that Stanton has. If I am not mistaken Stanton has stopped making all styluses since the Gibson buy out, I know for a fact their factory in USA has closed
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