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Originally Posted by Lime Twig
Thanks, guys. The space is great: it's an old, run-down building in a rough neighbourhood. It's run by a nice guy who seems happy to have me show up all the time, hang disco balls and build speakers. We throw parties every month or so and split the profits. I'm pretty stoked to have it as long as it lasts!
The thing that will make your place THE BEST is the fact that it is not just another formulaic room, designed and built according to textbooks. Your room is designed, conceptualized, and built from scratch, BY YOU and YOUR TEAM, as a ONE OF A KIND!

Your audio is a bit different than what everybody else is doing, and your layout is individual, as well as decor, staff and service. You will be a unique and distinct club, and THIS is the strength and beauty of your room. Know it, learn it, and be able to use it well.

To be totally honest, the fact that your not a standard copy the blueprints kind of room, or a corporately owned operation, will allow you to do whatever you want, and theme parties your own ways, will be your GREATEST asset.

Also, I like rooms from the small to medium size. These rooms may not be the largest, but can be the MOST KICK ASS and rooms with an emotional feeling, there are!

I like what I see. AND, add to which, same as before, you have my contact info, when you need some help, have some questions, whatever, YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME!

Mr. Scott Fitlin

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