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Originally Posted by DJBIGREG
It's possible. You have to check the schematic. For example, if I recall correctly, an analogue signal passing through a A&H Xone 4D can in fact stay analogue all the way through and doesn't have to run through a AD/DA conversion before it reaches the outputs. I think the inputs are only convertered when headed for the soundcard. To me, it is an analogue mixer with digital features. I only see one digintal input and one digital output on the Rodec's. So, it may sum the output and convert it just for recording. Again, who knows without seeing a schematic...

I can believe they are analogue.

I'm not entirely sure I understand the rationale behind a digital input on an analogue DJ mixer which is what lead me to think they might be processing digitally inside.

I see Rodec list a USB input option that can be added to any digital channel (channels 5,6,7 on the MX3000). This makes more sense if there is a separate DAC on each digital input and ADC on the digital outputs.

Either way, imho its a damn good looking mixer on paper, would love to have a play with one. The layout & ergonomics look great, the metering design is spot on, the cue section is well designed and the FX routing is also very nice.
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