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Installer training

The thread about the new EAW Avalon series has me wondering, when you sign on to sell a brand like EAW, Martin, JBL, etc. do the installers have to go through some sort of training so they sell and install the way the manufacturer intended?

We have an EAW Avalon system here and it sounds awful, you know you're leaving with tinitus if you spend the night dancing however on off nights when they only run it half on and without the tweeter arrays on it sounds good; loud clear. I can't see EAW designing one of their flagship systems to sound that loud and unclear. It seems like they'd want their installers trained on how the system is supposed to be installed as a good install gets more business for both of them.

I've seen that Adam (ATF104) has actually gone to Community and worked with designers on projects and learned more about the products he's using. Is that the norm or are most companies just throwing out products with installers to figure it out for themselves.
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