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The answer John I would say is a pretty solid no as most in the industry I believe will back up. When you get into more niche areas like Funtion One and perhaps the Dynacord Alpha Concept stuff, there might be some direct interaction with the factory, but in general no.

And at that, as I've stated in the past and am a firm believer in, 60% (and that's being generous) of a system is the gear with a large portion of the sound being the setup, design and especially equalization. I think we've all walked into rooms with some very good quality gear sounding like poo. In the end, you can't buy or train someone to have a good ear. My thoughts are you just have to have reference to a great system, to base what you think is good sound on.

There are some great peeps at many of the manufacturers. I've had some really great training from the BSS people, but it's generally more design oriented, not tuning related. But as you stated, for me at least, the people at Community are a special bunch. I had a conversation with Bruce the owner over there one time when we were discussing Community actually building some of the original Berthas designed by Long. Beyond that, those guys are just a wealth of knowledge in vintage audio and as most know here I just think their horn-loaded cabinets (designed in the 80's, the SLS stuff) is some of the best sounding stuff you can buy.

I am very interested to hear the new JBL Marquees series though. Regarding the Avalon stuff, I've heard some Avalon systems that will literally rip your head off. Out of the box they need a lot of work, probably more then JBL. I've tuned a few over the years and heard them sound fairly good but you can do some serious hearing damage with an Avalon system in the wrong hands lol.
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