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Originally Posted by Richi
What would you do if your have all your Audio running over a LAN and all of sudden some device begins emitting spurious data errors such as collisions or frame errors, how would you diagnose the terrible delay problems and lost packets?

What if the club is big and requires cable runs longer than 100 meters, you then need to install Fibre Optics to ensure error free transmission. This is going to be cost prohibtive.

We would need to be calling a Cisco CCN out to find out why the audio sounds lke shit.

Even over a Gigabit LAN, with compressd voice codecs there are issues with delay and echo. Full Bandwidth audio is not something i would like to trust over a LAN, especially not Wireless.

i dont have answers for all your questions, but the fact is that there are many live gigs in stadium sized venues using ehternet between their consoles and racks. these are gigs where much more is at stake than a couple thousand people in a club.

and really, more than a 100m run in a club? Where? and why arent speaker run lossess an obvious issue in that scenario? lets say a club is big enough ot need 100m signal runs, do you really think whatever networking costs there might be will put a dent in the budget.

one ofhte venues in the complex i work at is actually 100m long, and we have much more costly issues to think about, nevermind what equivalent copper capacities would cost.
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