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Originally Posted by atf104
For general commercial audio I'm all for it. It definitely simplifies system design.

I guess my issue for higher end stuff is placing DACs in amps. It's the whole buying a home receiver vs separates thing. It could be my baggage to the past but I do feel a centralized DSP with high-end DACs is the way to go for higher end audio.

what is wrong with splitting the dsp? imagine audio and control on the same cable. works for nexo.

in the scope of high end boutique danceclub sound, imagine a 3 way isolator where instead of analog outputs, 6 channels go through one cable and a tab/pad is used to tell which amps do what with which output.

how about surround? you get 64 channels to freak out with.

sure, you could process it all with a dsp which has enough i/o, but all you really need from that dsp is the gui, which doesnt need actual number crunching to be central.
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