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I second the opinions listed here.

Ariel (or as I knew him the light guy from Be Yourself) in NYC has made sticks for Louie Vega and Tony Smith and they appear to be excellent.

Mario G. in NJ has made a ton of them and he is always posting pics on his Facebook page. They are beautiful and Mario is easy to work with.

I also have a friend in Boston who makes some custom lollipops with custom designs on the cups. He is looking to do more of these projects and would be happy to help.

My lollipops were made by ex-Waver RedBoyStix, a.k.a. Anthony from upstate NY. He was a really funny, eccentric guy on the phone and made me some nice sticks. Unfortunately he passed away over a year ago. What we do in life echoes in eternity!

Hope this helps.

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