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Pics of my new speakers

Been doing a ton of work at the spot where we throw our parties and I've got our new speakers done. We had a pair of Klipsch La Scalas and a Yorkville 15" folded-horn sub for our last party and they sounded great but didn't have enough coverage. The horns are just too directional to run the room with only two.

We also had another pair of La Scala woofer sections so I built a set of mids and tweeters to turn them into another pair of speakers. We used Selenium drivers, D250X for the mids, and ST324 for the tweeter. The mids use a new Klipsch K-401 mid horn, which is the replacement part for the original Klipsch 400 mid horn. The crossover was designed and built by Howard Doctor at the Vancouver Audio Speaker Clinic based on the original La Scala xover with modification for the higher-output Selenium drivers.

These are the first speakers I've built and I'm proud to say they sound great; nearly identical to the originals.

Because they're so efficient, all four speakers are run comfortably by a single 280wpc power amp! In this case, an HH V800. Even when the system is pounding, the amp barely registers.

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