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Originally Posted by rs_

That said, it seems like there's a lot more Rotary Mixers and Isolators coming out, and more DJ's I come across are aware of the existence of this stuff and they're not scared of using it, at all.

Unlike most Rotary users, I don't play much House Music or classic Disco at all. I use Serato, and I play very little real vinyl. I'm probably what you'd call a "Hipster DJ" who mixes Rap with Country with Italo with etc, etc...


If indeed the popularity of a rotary mixer resurfaces again, it will more than likely be aimed to wards DJs that are trendier. You may recall a couple years ago nearly every company offered a rotary mixer, and discontinued them within a few years. It is quite obvious why manufactures stop offering them.

The harsh reality is the market is not large enough to maintain the consistency of a rotary mixer when the linear fader counterpart overshadows it. However, offering rotary mixers for a limited time will bring forth sales. This is due to DJs that are trendier, require a new piece of audio equipment to replace their older audio equipment every few years.

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