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BBE sonic maximizer ... a big fiasco?

recently i buy a bbe 862 ... after some pot issues that i fix with some alcohol it was time to fit it in my dj booth. The nice thing with it is that use xlr inputs and outputs and thats the reason why i choose it between other bbe models with unbalanced signal . i place it after my Rane 2016 signal (RANE > BBE > EQ > XOVER > AMPS )
before i bought the bbe i got all the cables ready for the unit but looped ( xlrs input and output looped) so for one week i use to listen the natural almost sound from rane. when i place the bbe i hear it in bypass mode... the sound was almost horrible ! the bass was fused with mids , the highs where not highs any more! When i press the funktion button all the sound comes alive! maybe more bright than the real signal ( not the bypassed ) .... so i really wonder... does the bypass button keep the secret of the BBE sonic maximizer? ... This unit makes the job or is just an acoustic illusion from clever sound engineers ?
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