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more compliments

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
Just had an incredible listening session on the Slammer @ system with NY legendary DJ Steve Travolta

We played some incredible music, Clasical, Jazz, new house, classics, then Factory classics, was given some amazing compliments by Steve on the Slammer, 3 hrs went by like 20 min, we could have stayed and listened for another 6 hours, no need to mix, the music alone carried us with no problems.

Steve Travolta

I have worked in every major club as a DJ and more importantly installing decor. I have spent hours upon hours listening to the pros and legends in the business tune system. Usually my ears become fatigued after an hour or two. As powerful as the Slammer is, it is also soft and gentle and never wears your ear drums out. Bravo Shorty!

THANK YOU for playing the SBS SLAMMER for me this evening. It is hands down the best sound I have EVER heard. The SLAMMER truly is a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Once you have heard ANY piece of music translated by it you will never recover from the experience.

Steve Travolta

If we had just a few Systems like that in NYC it would change the face of Dance music as we know it. He played the system for me I danced for 3 hours in the middle of it. Multiple musical goose bump orgasms. ;o)

Steve Travolta

Better than the Factory.

Steve Travolta

Yeah, technology has obviously changed the game, I didn't step foot in the garage but it's like comparing apples and oranges. Larry would have loved the SBS system. He was an engineer and had a precise Idea of what and more importantly how he wanted the dance floor to hear things.

Steve Travolta

After shorty played an incredible range of of music I slipped that memory stick into the CDJ 2000 and that's when things took a turn into one of those magical moments. It was such a pleasure to be that room with shorty selecting the tunes. It was truly and inspirational day thanks to Shorty and the SBS Slammer.

I was supposed to go out for drinks last evening and I had to stay in because that system took me to that place and i knew it would be difficult to hang at at another club last night.

For those that are friends on facebook with me here is the comments in full

By Steve Travolta

Steve Travolta, I have always appreciated your work but the new stuff is in a league of it's own. It was hard for me to imagine a Sound that I liked better than then the 27th Factory and you have absolutely done something above and beyond that system.
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