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Originally Posted by der geile ami
Originally Posted by charles0322

From what I hear, I think Sankey's in the D36 space with the Incubus system from Void will prob sound way better

i heard the incubus at the frankfurt fair last year and it is nice! also heard some danley sound gear, which i would also love to hear more of. i focus more on live sound these days, so the danley gear would be better suited for what i do, but that void system is a great competitor to the f1 dance stack world.

output was fun. sound much better than other f1 rooms ive heard.

I heard the Incubus at frankfurt as well. It is really toned for dance / impact. With the right tracks quite impressive. But when you need detail / clarity the low(mid)s really get in the way. In a way I don't really like.

Haven't experienced output, so I can't comment on that, except ... acoustics are a big and important part of the equation needed to be solved in order to get really good sound. This has been the case since Paradise Garage and still is. Some companies really do understand ... in the Netherlands for instance VisionAcoustics. Their background in creating/realising studios for guys like Armin v B., Nicky Romero helps.
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