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frankly it doesnt make sense to me for a company to take care of part of the sound..

The thought process behind that decision will affect everything about the club.. There should be an on hand tech with the ability to oversee the weekly operations of the club for sound in all areas.. The entire install for sound.. a little bit here and there, a guy from here or there that needs to fly somewhere to tune it.. it makes 0 sense. it didnt even make that much sense for GSA to have to fly in to take care of d36 and tune it, but at least he was the one who built it.. I even found it weird he didnt take care of the basement.. but the basement had thunderous sound and was consistent wiith upstairs.

This is a new club and Im sure it will get better,, but the thought process behind a part time tech will lead to a part time club.

The Void rig is nice, sounds great, but its not like the clubs I know where youre surrounded with sound.. if the system is too big for the room why is it there?? why is it half a system playing at half volume..??

its so small.. cant believe they found a way to make it smaller than d36 and put in a bunch of flashy lights.. makes my job way easier for video but feels like Im on the Vegas strip instead of a real NYC nightclub..

was thought put into treatment as in Output? doubt it.
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