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Im working for one of the owners sharing my video.. I do video in clubs.. Im talking as a club patron and am very passionate like you towards sound. I have been working in clubs for a long time.. Im not big on negativity.. Im only asking questions.. like why discard a four stack crazy system for a two stack system.. I have nothing to gain by stating my opinions.. in fact when stating my honest opinions it actually makes me come off as negative to some.. Im not worried about this, I have no allegiance to anyone or company.. I trust my ears like you.. you did the best with what you were given for opening. I have no doubt it will get better.. but its time to get real too.. there is competition and some very fine clubs in the world.. if you truly want to protect the brand get the sound right and the led's can wait

its my first time at any Sankey's.. but it all feels a bit phoned in.. like the cdj2000 box for the laptop stand.. I design booths and cannot believe that a club in todays game hasnt nailed the fact there is now a computer in the dj's rig..

Originally Posted by NathanShort
Lets be real about this and try and keep the negativity down. Sankeys is a brand. They want it to be different. They want the Manchester feel.

I was brought out to help tune the engine as one of the few guys on the planet besides Rog Mogale the designer who has built these rigs from the ground up. The drivers are very hard to get into the enclosures as all the horn loaded subs and lows are completely unique loadings. No copies of other boxes here.

Give it some time, surrounds are on their way, the scope is to make the brand happy and the patrons happy with something unique and different. This place flipped into Sankeys quickly , construction was a madhouse. It will continue its refinement like a race car team works on fine tuning a premium machine. Lots of good people working on making this a great entertainment venue for some real underground dj's.

My next stop is Japan in a month to set up another Incubus rig w/ Rog. I could not be more exited.

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