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After researching around the net and other forums I opted to go with the OM 10's for now to give my ears a break from the nightclub E mk2's, with the intention to upgrade to the OM 20's next year when finances allow. Quite a few of the audiophile guys on other forums rate the OM 10's quite well for their price range and as I won't be mixing out or performing any heavy cueing with them they fit the bill for what I'm after. The OM 30's seem to be the best in class for price/performance and are supposedly better that the Audio Technica 440mla's ,but that's a steep rise in cost and don't want to be shelling out nearly $600 for a pair of needles (probably wouldn't benefit fully being mounted on a 1210 anyway). But yeah it's been an interesting time learning all about the Ortofon OM and DJ series needles. Will report back with an update at some point
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