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Vince Montana Jr.

It is with great sadness that I received today, news of the passing of Vince Montana Jr.
I am one of the many who holds close to my heart, the Philly Sound. The Philly Sound started with me as far back as 1970, (Pre Disco Era). The Philly Sound is, in my opinion,
The leader & founder of what is call Dance Music. No other, has accomplished what Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff of Philly International Records has accomplished, also known as MFSB. Vince Montana (Mr. Vibes) was made known to us as the Vibe player in the Philly International studio group MFSB; he performed on many other record projects before leaving MFSB. Vince left the group MFSB & formed the group called The Sal Soul Orchestra, where he also had many of the MFSB musicians join him on most of all his productions. What a fantastic legacy he left for us, his music will live forever in dance music history. There’s not one DJ in the world who plays classic club music that can avoid playing something by Vince Montana Jr. He was a genius. Loved by so many.
A friend of mine once said about The Sal Soul Orchestra, “Their music was the Mozart of Dance”. Thank you Vince for the awesome collection you left behind, may God welcome you into Paradise, I love you with all my heart.

DJ Joey Madonia Sr. 4/14/2013
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