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Frequently Asked Questions

As we have just opened this site to the public, we are still in the process of compiling answers to what are the most frequently requested explanations. Please feel free to ask us if any problems, and our staff will try and get back to you in a timely manner.
Here are a couple of things that we know people will be asking about:
  • How to post pictures into a message on the community board
    You should use the forum codes, creating a tag to the picture's path on your server (absolute URL). The only pictures we can display are those remotely stored on your server, for example, using the acceptable tags you would enter the following:
    [img] http://www.yoursite.com/path_to/your_picture.jpg [/img]
    in order to link the picture to an address on your own web server. It is important that you understand that we will not allow picture 'leeching' from third-party sites, which is the practice of linking to a picture on someone else's site without their permission. Any such occurences will have the link deleted.

  • Maintaining your privacy on shared or public computers
    In order for you to post messages on the Community Board, you have to log on to our system with your user name and password. It is possible that if you do this from a shared or public computer the next person to use it after you would be able to backtrack your steps or post with your identity on the Community Board. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you log out after each session. This is easily done by:
    • - clicking on the logout button from anywhere within the community board; this will only appear if you logged in.
    • - quitting the browser, as the cookie that keeps the information about your session is automatically erased as soon as the browser application is exited.

  • How can I download the online DJ mixes?
    You should be aware that due to copyright restrictions, we are not allowing the downloading of any of the DJ mixes unless otherwise specifically stated. You are welcome to listen to them while online at this site using the appropriate plug-in for your browser.

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