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D'MaliciousThe artist on the web:
D'Malicious Official Site
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Alive/The Last Song On Earth Released: Mar 16th, 2004
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The Loup-Garou EP Released: Jun 3rd, 2003
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The Dark Tradition EP Released: Mar 18th, 2003
Price: 12" vinyl EP $6.00
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On Compilation:
Wave Music Selection by Beat Pharmacy Released: Jun 26th, 2007
WaveTec One: the miles from mars mix Released: Feb 24th, 2004
Price: CD album $13.00
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Deep and Sexy 2 - Mixed by Ron Trent Released: Jun 17th, 2003
Price: CD album $12.00, 2 x LP album $14.00
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About D'Malicious

The talented producer and multi instrumentalist Mikael Nordgren is a living proof of how global the whole dance music phenomena has become since it all started back in the days. Raised not in some urban capital area, but in a small village in the midst of rural Sweden, Mikael had to search harder than most people to find the music that eventually would have him release cutting edge dance music on prominent labels such as Wave, Slip ´n´Slide, Raw Fusion and Wah Wah. You can thank the house music diaspora for that...

From the tender age of 10 Mikael started this journey by learning to play a variety of instruments including bass, guitar, drums and piano. Heavily fascinated and triggered by the house music boom that eventually had reached Sweden in the late 80s, his first steps as a song writer were heavily inspired by the sounds of Inner City and S´Express. At the same time he also discovered the funky soul and jazz sounds of the 60s and 70s and these are all influences that still can be heard in his eclectic aprroach on dance music - inspired as much by Albert Ayler and Roy Ayers as Derrick May or Underground Resistance.

Nowadays Stockholm based and recording under his aliases D´Malicious, 12th Floor and Tigerstripes gives Mikael the opportunity to release stuff ranging from heavy tech house sounds to smooth soulful garage vibes, as well as some discofied broken beats thrown in the mix. His biggest influences are the underground disco sounds of the late 70´s and early 80´s and that led to Mikael contacting the undisputed king of boogie - Leroy Burgess - while working on his first label signed house project Slippery People in the year 2000. Leroy was immediately impressed by the soulful garage sound of the song that would be called 'Sweet Thing', and flew to Stockholm to work with Mikael. The result was so fine that their collaboration extended to more songs, not everyone yet released. Also as Slippery People, Mikael recorded the storming garage monster of 'Wish I Never Knew' together with the legendary New Jersey diva Adeva.

After that Mikael left the Slippery People project and moved on to began experimenting with more techy house sounds and soon came into contact with legendary producer Francois K and the Wave label. There he released his debut as D´Malicious with the seminal 'Dark Tradition EP'. His sound, inspired by the soulful techno of Detroit´s finest, was immediately appreciated by a wide variety of DJs worldwide such as Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Cosmo and Matty Heilbronn. Since then Mikael has released two more 12 inches, 'The Loup Garou EP' and 'Alive/The Last Song on Earth' and are soon to have a full length album out on Wave.

Mikaels background as a disco dj and soul club promoter in the 90s can be heard on the stuff he releases as 12th Floor on the hip Raw Fusion and Wah Wah labels. By mixing rare groove and disco with the now sounds of Broken beats and Detroit techno Mikael has found a niche that immediately catches the attention of dj´s with an ear for the funkiest of dancefloors. At the same time attracting the jazz dance scene as well as both breakbeat and soulful techno fans, 12th Floor really is the sound of 2004, when genre boundaries are losening up more and more.

This summer also gives us Mikaels first major release as Tigerstripes. His heavily catchy latin and afro house vibes of the Fela Kuti inspired 'Dingo' is soon to be out on the Slip´n´Slide label.

Besides producing, Mikael´s also been running Sweden´s premier house club Guidelines since the autumn of 2001. Inviting dj´s such as Marshall Jefferson, Rolando, Cosmo, Matty Heilbronn and Maurice Fulton he has provided the expanding swedish house community with pure quality sounds. In 2004 he also started the Go Bang! club which only has been running for four nights but already has given Stockholm such prominent guests such as Kerri Chandler, Dj Deep and Charles Webster.

His own fine dj skills are also to be mentioned and Mikael has travelled around the globe playing in Japan, UK, Italy, Finland, Estonia and Denmark and are on his way to his first gig in Russia as well as Indonesia this year. His greatly appreciated sets varies from really gritty techno and tech house to more soulful house sounds, depending on what the club promoter wishes. Although Mikael is best at ease when he can blend these genres together in his truly unique D´Malicious way.

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