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Lazarus Released: Jul 12th, 2005
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
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On Compilation:
Wave Music Selection by John Daly Released: Oct 10th, 2008

About Antfactor

Anthony Galante, aka 'antfactor,' has been making electronic sounds in
his native home of NYC for quite some time. Listening to Tangerine
Dream, Wendy Carlos, and Robert Fripp in early high-school, Anthony's
brain was permanently altered - and became addicted to blinking diodes.
Though involved in numerous bands and group projects he was constantly
churning out his own material and experiments in his home studio. It
wasn't until the advent of Acid House and early 90s techno that a more
solid direction formed. Preferring live performance to DJing, antfactor
has done live PA's at numerous progressive NYC staples including PS1,
Killer, Amoeba, Halcyon, The Cooler, and Unity Gain Television
(www.unitygain.org). antfactor has prior releases on Analog Records,
Seretonin, C&S, and Spelunk Recordings, and remixed the Freak's "He's
Angry" with Honey Dijon. Additionally, he records ambient music under
the name 'copepod,' and has projects with long-time friends and Wave-mates Dylan Drazen and Kenny Jenkins. When not producing music Anthony can be found designing electronic instruments, and enjoys digital photography, science fiction, political protests, and visiting large aquaria.

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