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New label focusing on the Tech-House and more Progressive sounds of Dance Music


WaveTec Releases

 Click to Listen! Orion EP
By: A.Mochi
Release Date: May 20th, 2008
Price: 12" vinyl EP $7.00
Uplifiting dark electro techno from Japan.

OUT NOW 12" vinyl & digital download
 Click to Listen! Deep Joy EP
By: Tony Lionni
Release Date: Mar 25th, 2008
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
Strictly solid tight tech beats with the deepest electronic elements to make it groove. Tonly Lionni's debut single on Wavetec. Not to be missed!Tony Lionni's Deep Joy EP 
 Click to Listen! Tales from the Sleepless Men EP
By: Rico Casazza
Release Date: Feb 12th, 2008
Price: 12" vinyl EP $6.00
"Dallas D/346," is quietly insane, banging and percussive, full-on! without ever overdoing it. "Sky vision" goes this minimal beats with all that liquid percussion and moody chords breakdown--perfect for early in the night.Tales from the Sleepless Men EP 
 Click to Listen! The Aural Dazzling EP
By: Sven Schienhammer
Release Date: Sep 23rd, 2007
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
A sunshine-soaked journey into psychedelic pressure with depth and emotional flow that is uncharacteristic of modern techno dance music. Sven Schienhammer''s The Aural The Dazzling LP 
 Click to Listen! Legacy EP
By: Paradoxxx
Release Date: Jan 9th, 2007
An inspired set of music that is freshly electronic and futuristic in its appeal. A strong 3-track EP offering an upbeat approach that is all about zooming FX, layer upon layer of synths and melody sweeps, anchored by crisp, crunchy beats.Wavetec_Paradoxxx_Legacy 
 Click to Listen! Melody Attack
By: Floppy Sounds
Release Date: Sep 19th, 2006
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
The man behind the beat, producer Rob Rives, dedicated a long time in the studio mastering his craft. The result is distinct and bound to blow your mind out of this world.Floppy Sounds Melody Attack 
 Click to Listen! Year Before Present EP
By: Borut Margon
Release Date: Jul 11th, 2006
Price: 12" vinyl EP $6.00
Slovenia-based Borut Margon's first EP for Wavetec is nothing short of stellar. His stunningly produced brand of techno is destined to dancefloor greatness worldwide.Borut Margon's Year Before Present EP 
 Click to Listen! Frequencies :: compiled and mixed by Francois K.
By: Various Artists
Release Date: Jun 27th, 2006
Price: Double CD $17.00, 3 x LP Album $17.00
Inspired by his touring of clubs worlwide, François K has mixed up a deep techy double CD that features tracks by Joris Voorn, Mathew Jonson, Trentemoeller, Angello & Ingrosso, Oliver Ho, Paul Woolford, Henrik Schwarz, Aril Brikha, Carl Craig...Frequencies 
 Click to Listen! The Rhythm
By: Ariel and Elliott
Release Date: Dec 6th, 2005
A simple tribal track with all the essential elements: layer upon layer of drums and chirping woodblocks cascading atop a solid, throbbing bass beat.Ariel & Elliot's The Rhythm 
 Click to Listen! Inside
By: Gravity Beats
Release Date: Jul 26th, 2005
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
The “Inside” 12" is an upfront tribal-tech groover brings together straightforward beats with old school sounds and synths.Gravity Beats' Inside 
 Click to Listen! Lazarus
By: Antfactor
Release Date: Jul 12th, 2005
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
"Lazarus" is a tight mixture of romantic German techno and New York edged tech-house.
David Last's "Pocket Pet" mix can easily top all those reprints of 80's electro disco with a fresh new "hard-bump" sound.

Antfactor  'Lazarus' 
 Click to Listen! Delight
By: Gravity Beats
Release Date: May 22nd, 2005
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
Behold the debut single from Gravity Beats, whose solid, rocking beats are enhanced with a clever touch of tribal drums.Wave Tec - Gravity Beats 
 Click to Listen! Durexx/Open The Door
By: Floppy Sounds
Release Date: Sep 21st, 2004
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
Floppy Sounds returns with this remix of "Durexx" from his album "Downtime", a deep techno house stomper. "Open The Door" is smoother and deeper and primarily for the dancefloor.Durex 
 Click to Listen! Happy Endings
By: CRM (Cathod Ray Mission)
Release Date: Sep 7th, 2004
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
Our WaveTec sub-label just got a little trippier with this 2nd release. Compliments of Kenny Jenkins and Rob Rives.Happy Ending 
 Click to Listen! Alter Ego
By: Kats & Styles present 9-Mile Town
Release Date: Mar 23rd, 2004
Get ready for a whole new sound! To kick off the new WaveTec label, Kats and Styles have dropped a HOT futuristic tech-house ground-breaker.9-Mile Town 
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